You may ask, "why twelve"? Our founder, Seana, considers the number twelve to be lucky (her daughter was born on 12-12-12) and we believe it's a good number and just happens to show how we work and why we work.


no. 1
We Go the extra mile
Customer service is priority one here at Mediahabit. We believe that going the extra mile is crucial to all successful projects. From taking care of the tiny details that you never knew existed to the big picture of your digital presence.


no. 2
lasting impression

You can relax in knowing that we will treat your project with the same care and interest as if it were our very own business. We will find and implement the best resources for your budget, project and timeline.


no. 3

Building your brand should be a fun experience. It's a time of new ideas, looking at the big picture and how your vision will positively impact our world. That's not stressful. That's exciting!